Why you should turn to Purple

1. Respect for the customer

The first action any responsible agent should have is to show respect for those they serve. Members are required to pay their fees to the OMC and should be afforded the respect of being informed of what is the purpose and current ongoing in their company.

2. Our Service Delivery System

Our Service Delivery System is built to achieve the objectives of putting OMC directors in control while Purple does the work. Directors will easy access to works schedules and when needed online access to approve work prior to costs being incurred and approve the invoices prior to payment. This will be in an automated system and the workflow will allow for speedy transfer of information. Directors will also be provided with a restricted area where a repository of reports and relevant files will be available for you to receive and view at any time.

3. Service Charge Collection Promise

The collections model we have in place ensures our collections team are incentivised to collect early in the process. If Purple Property Management Limited do not collect 100% of the billed amounts we will reduce our fee. All owners will be called by our team after billing and encouraged to pay upfront or placed in an agreed payment plan. Each owner will have their own personalised online portal that will include their service charge statement.

4. Being out front and approachable

Clients, in their role as voluntary directors, have limited time to allocate to their OMC responsibilities. Therefore they want to be with an agent that allows them access to key decision makers asap. Purple is a size that provides this as Paul will keep in regular contact with clients and always make himself available.

It is also common that the heads of some agencies very rarely attend directors meetings, agm’s or visit site. It is vital that the head of an agency regularly meets the clients and understands the site, providing true leadership for your OMC.

5. Exceptional Reporting

An informed client is a happy client. Reporting, generally quarterly, must go out on time with accuracy and easy to digest information being key. Most agents provide financial reports, Purple provide reports that also cover:

    • Executive Summary
    • Priority items (this keeps directors targeted for year)
    • Contractors schedules and performance update
    • Works schedules for year and focus on next quarters main tasks
    • Quality financial reporting with tables and graphs
    • Debtors reporting in “Decision Making” format for client clarity and improved collections

6. Quality of contractors

Purple only work with well branded quality contractors. Contractors insurance, health and safety statements, method statements to be on file and up to date, ready to provide to client if requested.

7. Visible on site

When Purple staff are on site they have to be wearing and visible in Purple branded clothing. This philosophy will also be rolled out with regular maintenance contractors that will be required to wear high vis branded clothing. Having contractors associated with the agent assists owners in understanding what the service charge fee goes towards and should help with collections.

8. Communication with customers

Newsletters is the current most popular format of communication for OMC’s (generally quarterly). Communication requirements for people is now far advanced and thus regular emails will be sent to owners to keep them up to date with OMC activities.

Also when a property manager is going to site they will regularly inform owners of the time they will be arrive.Owners can request if there are items they would like to point out or meet the property manager whilst onsite.

Most agents are hesitant to engage with owners in this manner as they believe it causes more work in responding to queries. Purple has a different philosophy.

We believe this is positive interaction as it provides owners with the access and knowledge that gives them the confidence in the services being received.

9. Respect of Regulations

Purple will strive to ensure that our OMC’s respect all regulations and guidelines that should be adhered to under Corporate Governance requirements. We will also engage contractors on our OMC’s behalf that abide by the same standards.