We have developed our own bespoke Service Delivery System to match the exact requirements of an OMC. Residential OMC’s administrative and operational requirements are unique compared to other entities and our bespoke Service Delivery System is designed to specifically tailor to these requirements.

You can look forward to reporting that will provide OMC directors with the critical operational and financial information, in easily understandable presentations which provides them the comfort that comes with knowledge.

Each member will have their very own portal with substantive information on their unit and the common areas.

Some of the benefits:

    • Bespoke applications developed for Purple to greatly benefit our OMCs
    • Little or no paper! Correspondence can be sent digitally
    • Notifications can be issued digitally to one, all or groups of owners
    • All jobs processed through the system
    • Invoice and payment approval completed online…..by you
    • Quality reporting for OMC directors
    • Financial and operational forecast planning

Ask us for more information on what benefits you can receive from how we use our systems